Semion Kronenfeld

Donations & Charity Activites in Toronto, ON

What really pushes Semion Kronenfeld to stand out among his peers - is his devotion to a well-rounded, philanthropic lifestyle. With a myriad of generous contributions under his belt, ranging from his contribution to help build Bayview Glen School to his ongoing support of community organizations such as the Yorkville Jewish Centre, the Russian Jewish Community Centre, and the Kavkazi Community Centre, he places great value on the importance of community roots and respecting the sacredness of a close cultural foundation. His generosity extends beyond his support of local community organizations as well: Kronenfeld has established himself as a top donor to hospitals across Toronto, including Mount Sinai, Humber River Hospital, and SickKids, the Hospital for Sick Children.

Meanwhile, at home, he prides himself on the success of his 4 children, supporting them in their pursuits and working with his eldest son as he introduces him to his projects as a shining example of the new generation. As a strong supporter of kindness, generosity, and family values, he does everything he can to ensure a safe and bright future for the new wave of the youth of today as he helps them prepare for the demands of tomorrow, allowing them to become all they could ever dream to be.

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